About yellowBird

yellowBird is the pioneering world leader in impact full end-to-end VR concepts. We were founded in 2009 and pushed the boundaries of online video technology ever since. yellowBird is the most experienced 360º video and VR company in the world. We deployed 100+ projects worldwide, have an outstanding track record and dozens of proven & award winning impact cases.

We enrich existing live events, onsite experiences & traditional marketing means. With our immersive technology and creative- and business knowhow, we create effective online and mobile experiences that result in revenue. We call this unique methodology 361º impact creation.

This unique 361º methodology is based on the ISSUE, IDEA, IMPACT work flow. We always start with the clients ISSUE. Next step is to create the big IDEA from a business, creative and technological perspective. Finally this will result in measurable IMPACT.

Impact full 361º concepts
VR concepts
Immersive retail
360º Live streaming as a service
App developement (iOS, Android & VR)
360º interactive campaigns
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Available content


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(Lion, Lovie, Emmy awards)

Contact persons

Bas Beukers

Bas Beukers

Kees Klomp

Kees Klomp

Strategy Director

Awards & Nominees

  1. BIMA Award 2014 – Category Immersive – IKEA “Making Small Spaces Bigger”
  2. Digital Emmy 2011- National Film Board of Canada – Out My Window
  3. FWA Award 2014 – Mobile of the Day – VISA 360 CAM
  4. FWA Award 2011 – Doritos UK
  5. DMA Award 2013- Gold Best Digital Destination – IKEA “Making Small Spaces Bigger”
  6. DMA Award 2013- Silver Best use of Film – IKEA “Making Small Spaces Bigger”
  7. Lovie Award 2014 – Bronze #Topman360º campaign
  8. Webby Award 2014 – Finalist – VISA 360 CAM
  9. Cannes Lion 2014 – Creative Award – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  10. W3 2014 – Gold – Visual Appeal – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  11. Lovies Award 2014 – Gold – rich media – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  12. Lovies Award 2014 – Silver – User experience – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  13. Ciclope festival 2014 – Gold – Website Design – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  14. Epica 2014 – Grandprix digital – Google Marseille Nightwalk
  15.  Caples award – Finalist – VISA 360 CAM
  16. Webby award 2014 – Google Marseille Nightwalk