Mont Blanc was looking for something special for their new ‘Tribute to the Mont Blanc’ pen collection. Scholz & Volkmer, an award winning interactive agency, saw the potential for a dynamic video and called yellowBird to capture the snowy peaks.

Flying early in the morning, the yellowBird team were able to shoot in full HD as they swooped over the snowy slopes at 4800m equipped with a special Surround Video camera-rig. The team captured the breathtaking beauty of the mountain and surrounding peaks. We even managed to capture a team of walkers who had achieved the summit climb.

The online experience allowed users of the Mont Blanc site to fly through the Alps and interact with the video through floating interactive hotspots. Scholz & Volkmer and yellowBird collaborated using the latest in Surround Video and player technologies.

Feel like flying through the Alps and over the top of the Mont Blanc? See the Alps like never before! See the work in our gallery here