Frankenweenie is a visually stunning black and white, stop-motion animated film in 3D and is the first animated film that Tim Burton has directed for Disney.

In conjunction with Disney and agency Digital Outlook, yellowBird were commissioned to create experiential interactive Surround Video footage of behind-the-scenes activities led by key production members including Producer Allison Abbate and Tim Burton himself.

Each of the tours give behind-the-scenes insight into the intricate workings of Tim Burton’s animation studios. Key production personnel including the Producer Allison Abbate, lead animators, props and set dressers take the viewer on a walkthrough through the set giving a detailed introduction to the processes, kit and their specific technical insights. The Surround Video camera is positioned in the centre of the set or puppet workshop to provide a clear view around the entire studio on interaction with the film. Hotspots placed over the film add additional information such as film trailers, character details and images.

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