Christmas is fun, atmosphere, looking back at each other, but more importantly we celebrate the birth of Jesus. And that should be celebrated! Xnoizz organized for the fifth time Xnoizz Christmas. Last summer was one of the favorit Angostura Gungor during Xnoizz Flevo Festival. On December 15, they come back to join us in a celebration of Christmas Xnoizz it. In recent years Xnoizz Christmas has become an event you will not want to miss. In previous editions were under other Seabird and The Gentlemen on the poster. This year’s honor Gungor, who in addition to their own work known Christmas songs to sing will bring. In the Netherlands we made for the first time with the band around singer and songwriter Michael Gungor during Xnoizz Flevo Festival in 2011. Due to the great success they were also the Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2012 invited. Again belonged action Gungor one of the highlights of the festival. Reason enough for them this year to invite Xnoizz Christmas.

On December 15th, the concert was live streamed in Surround Video from the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam,  afterwards a clip of one of the songs was made available on the EO/ Xnoizz site (it is now offline).

Check it out here