Budweiser | Ride-Along Experience | iOS APP Release

US Agency Cannonball challenged yellowBird to capture a thrilling 190mph ride with legendary Nascar racing driver Kevin Harvick on board his Budweiser #29 car.

The ride along experience is the first in a brilliant behind-the-scenes Surround Video series that allows NASCAR fans to ride shotgun with Kevin, and then follow the RCR race team as they prepare his #29 car from workshop to Race track. It’s a great project and reinforces Budweiser as a leading NASCAR sponsor by offering fans a truly remarkable insight into a modern Racing team.

Earlier this month, the web versions were released and this week we have pushed the  iOS BUD 360 app in the App Store! Based on gyroscopic navigation, you’ll really experience like being in the heart of the NASCAR action!

Join Kevin Harvick behind the wheel and download the BUD 360 iOS app for FREE: here

Renault | Scorch London | Re-ignite VA VA Voom

Production agency ‘Scorch London’ brought yellowBird in to re-ignite some Renault Clio ‘Va Va Voom’ with a 360º advert specifically aimed at social media for the launch of the new Renault Clio. Taking inspiration from the history of the Va Va Voom campaigns the cameras capture a prank test drive the new Clio in a regular South London street as the street suddenly turns into a bustling Parisian suburb. Two ads were produced, one featuring female dancers and one with male counterparts.

The 360º footage sits alongside the hugely successful viral campaign which received over 3 million views in the first weekend after launch.

Check it out here: http://www.renault.co.uk/reignite/