TEDx Amsterdam 360º Livestream via Google Cardboard & Samsung Gear VR

With only limited seating in the Stadsschouwburg TEDx Amsterdam decided to replicate first-row seats indefinitely. By using virtual reality cameras and a 360º livestream everyone with an Android smartphone and a (cheap) pair of VR goggles can fully immerse themselves in the TEDx Amsterdam experience.

yellowBird built the custom Android app for the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR. And we are responsible for the 360º Livestream during the event.


Marseille Nightwalk by Google -> driving traffic towards seven digits within a single week.


In close relationship with MediaMonks, yellowBird, is proud to announce an new 360º project for Google: the Marseille Nightwalk. The Night Walk is a loosely guided tour through the streets of Marseille on one vibrant and beautiful evening. Night Walk starts you out in a small alley in the neighborhood Cours Julien and works a lot like Street View — you can look around in every direction and click wherever you want to zoom in or move ahead. In this case, a tour guide will introduce you to the city as you move along, directing you to look at art, landmarks, and gorgeous views, among much more.

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The overall objective of this campaign was to have a positive and cultural impact in France.


Night Walk in Marseille was inspired by Julie de Muer’s ‘Sound Walks’ project. Julie wanted to make it easier for people to get to know Marseille and so she began creating a series of sound walks to guide visitors through her city using Google Maps.

Night Walk represents a huge leap forward in how Google Stories are told, by marrying film with an immersive audio-guided urban street-safari, marking Google’s first nighttime Street View experience. Where the film ends, the online experience begins, allowing people all over the world to explore the vibrant creative culture of Marseille at night. Hundreds of high-definition photospheres allow users to take a tour with a local guide, or explore the streets and stories of the neighbourhood.


In close collaboration with 72Sunny, Mediamonks and Google Creative lab yellowBird built the experience “the Marseille Nightwalk”. This never seen before experience have won dozens of awards including a Cannes Lion, Lovies awards and Webby awards.

Besides this Night Walk in Marseille hit a homerun during the first inning. In between the much-appreciated ABCs (‘awesomes’, ‘beautifuls’ and ‘cools’), surfers from around the seven seas were quick to call the experience “franchement incroyable,” “meravigliosa,” and “ale epickie!” The project also picked up shoutouts from Wired founding executive director Kevin Kelly, The Verge, Mashable and Buzzfeed, driving traffic towards seven digits within a single week.

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