Serious Request 2013 Live in Surround Video

yellowBird was invited by 3FM (major Dutch radiostation) to support their annual charity event “Glazen Huis 2013” to support the Red Cross. yellowBird has enabled a 360º live experience that captures the in side of the Glazen Huis venue. It looks like you are one of the DJs!

The 360º Livestream will be live for 6 days in row, 24 hours a day. It starts today and will end on christmas eve 2013!

Please have a look at:

Kasabian | Royal Albert Hall | London

Fancy heading onstage with Kasabian at their Royal Albert Hall soundcheck in 360º? Our London team got their dream shot as we get to follow the band on stage in one continuous motion. Kasabian fans gets to experience what it’s like to wander around stage with the band as they rock out in the World famous concert hall. Just imagine what this will be like at a Live gig?! Bring on the Summer!

Try this:

BBC Radio 1 | Sara Cox | FUN. Live Lounge

yellowBird were invited by BBC Radio 1 to shoot a Surround Video Live Lounge session with the brilliant band FUN. The show was listened to by 3 million people and 360º video hosting on the front page of the radio one page as well as the Bands facebook pages. Legendary DJ Sarah Cox was thrilled to work with yellowBird team (we’re hoping for a few more sessions with her in the near future!) Surround Video works brilliantly with this style of Music content.

Watch the band perform two tracks in full 360 degree glory. Decide for yourself where you want to look! Click here.