VR-IEND, yellowBirds DIY VR solution for the health market was on tour during the last ICT&Health Week 2017. This week is facilitated by the Dutch Ministery of VWS. We were invited to showcase and demonstrate VR-iend on several locations in the Netherlands!

HAGA hospital invited us to demonstrate VR-iend & VR-Macy (our VR database with enriched VR content) during their innovation event.

We were part of the ICT&Health experience in Utrecht to showcase VR-iendje. This was the biggest showcase event in the Netherlands during week. The international line up of keynotes, speakers and innovations were impressive. So we are very proud we were part of this event.

VR-iendje was presented at kick off meeting of a  new programm for dementia in Tilburg to see how VR could be a toolkit to help people with dementia and to increase their patient well being.

Finally we got invited to present VR-iend at the Healthcare Innovation pop up stores in Breda and Utrecht. Especially the meeting in Utrecht was  very special for us. Because the board of the ministry of VWS (healthcare) was part of the audience. And they were very enthousiastic!