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yellowBird is the pioneering world leader in end-to-end 360º Video & VR productions.

We have:

  • an outstanding international track record
  • deployed 100+ 360º livestreams and recorded high profile projects worldwide
  • a very experienced team creating big ideas
  • have dozens of proven & award winning impact cases

We were:

  • founded in 2009 and pushed the boundaries of online – video – technology ever since;
  • the worlds first with 360º Video in 2010;
  • the worlds first with a 360º Video campaign in 2011;
  • the worlds first with a 360º Video livestream, adding hotspots and CGI elements in 2012;
  • the worlds first with a Oculus VR campaign and Oculus VR livestream in 2013.

We are the original and most experienced 360º video company in the world.

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X-Factor finals livestream
yellowBird was invited by FOX Sports to set up multiple 360º livestreams during the Eredivisie Football match FC Twente vs. Willem II.  It was the best seat in the house for sure! An excellent view of the coaches and the players in the dug out and a front row seat during the press conference after the match.
Utopia USA 360º livestream
yellowBird got invited to produce and develop a fully interactive Surround Video for IKEA. Interactive hotspots highlight IKEA products designed for these spaces and show more information on features and pricing once clicked.
Backstage Million Dollar model
Utopia 360º Livestream
The yellowBird team travelled across Europe for the Shell Eco Marathon website. From Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, the yellowBird camera captured the best places in full Surround Video glory.
yellowbird was invited by Warner Bros Studios to create a stunning Surround Video experience. You can watch the incredible transformation of the Hogwarts castle model as it was covered in snow and explore the process in the Surround Video time-lapse video!
FIFA Worldcup 2014 Livestream
Van Cleef & Arpels invites you behind the scenes with a unique 360° virtual tour of its Paris workshops LesAteliers
We created a 360º recruitment experience. See how your future workplace could look like. Besides this we included a gaming element.
VR app Volmaakte Mens
Our lucky London crew was asked to join the Courvoisier at the World famous wine cellars of Harrods department store for an exclusive presentation of the Worlds oldest and finest cognacs by Courvoisiers Master Blender Patrice. The tour takes the viewer through the experience, linked by a number of floating hotspots which give the viewer a sensory journey into the brand showcasing the ingredients used to create the liquid gold.
The municipality of Amsterdam asked us to create a VR experience of the Noord-Zuid line. The Noord-Zuid line is a massive 3.1 billion construction programme to build the second biggest transport hub in the city. The metro line includes a mixture of bored tunnels and immersed tunnels under the river IJ.
yellowBird created the ultimate tour capturing one of the UK?s biggest and best festivals. The footage, which sits on the Guardian YouTube page and website allows music lovers across the world to see ?the bigger picture?  as the Guardian leads the pack in documenting music festivals online.
Our London team found themselves in the heart of the action again with London agency Euro RSCG and 2am films as we shot the introduction to the ‘The Art of Hosting’ for whisky brand Chivas Regal. It was a tough gig having to spend two days surrounded by beautiful models but the footage is some of the best we’ve shot and was integrated into an exclusive microsite which brings ‘entertaining at home to life as a sensory, virtual party experience’.
MINI Musuem tour
yellowBird was invited to produce a stunning 360º experience for the new KIA CEE’D launch campaign in Europe. In addition to shooting a band inside a car, we were asked to deliver a highly customised Flash application. This application offers strong rich media features.
Landrover created an experiential area at the Beijing Motor Show 2012 where visitors could sit in a Landrover Discovery in its own 'room' surrounded by LCD walls consisting of Plasma screens. Passengers in the car were immersed in another world with beautifully shot Surround Video featuring 5 different landscapes, surround sound audio and an articulated rig suspension to create the feel of driving in the different environments (mud, sand, snow), all from a driving point of view.
For the launch event of the LEXUS CT 200H, yellowBird was asked to build an interactive rich media application on the Lexus France YouTube channel. With content shot on different locations at the event and the Lexus’ latest hybrid model. yellowBird teamed up with Paris-based interactive agency Pulsive for concept development and the graphical and functional design of the application.
Taking inspiration from the history of the Va Va Voom campaigns the cameras capture a prank test drive the new Clio in a regular South London street as the street suddenly turns into a bustling Parisian suburb. Two ads were produced, one featuring female dancers and one with male counterparts.  The 360º footage sits alongside the hugely successful viral campaign which received over 3 million views in the first weekend after launch.
An interactive offroad and racetrack Ride along experiencein the new Porsche Cayenne.
Inspired by the new genesis of Subaru's historical campaigns and demonstrations, yellowBird was invited by Japanese based AIO-Pro to create buzz around the launch of the new Forester model. In Forester Live, Subaru will prove its all-round high performance by driving across 5 continents for an entire year.
yellowBird are delighted to introduce our latest ground-breaking project for Honda, created by Wieden + Kennedy. The street view’ style adventure takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through spectacular scenery and deserted landscapes and allows users to move and look around their environment.  yellowBird designers worked with the agency to create a complete interactive player and functional build to match the ‘Off the Grid’ creative concept and delivered the project in a branded YouTube channel.
Flying early in the morning, the yellowBird team were able to shoot in full HD as they swooped over the snowy slopes at 4800m equipped with a special Surround Video camera-rig. The team captured the breathtaking beauty of the mountain and surrounding peaks. We even managed to capture a team of walkers who had achieved the summit climb.  The online experience allowed users of the Mont Blanc site to fly through the Alps and interact with the video through floating interactive hotspots.
yellowBird was asked to develop and produce the 360º video content for Zuperfly, an interactive game which allowed the viewer to experience a football match through the eyes of footballing superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Visit Playa del Carmen in 360º
Moments of Clarity is an interactive film experience that puts the visitor in the heart of the narrative. Rayban will take you on an idyllic road trip through sun soaked countryside and ends in the water by a hidden beach. You can also switch between normal and polarised modes to see the difference the sunglasses make. We have added hot spots that work as interactive elements.
Immersive Samsung Gear VR Christmas experience and the launch of the Samsung S2
An exclusive tour filmed inside the Olympic 2012 Village Polyclinic, London. The ‘one of a kind’ virtual video tour shot in Surround Video is a first within a UK healthcare setting and allows viewers to learn more about the broad range of medical imaging technologies in use from GE Healthcare.
We created the grass to glass experience for the FRISO nutrition. It's all about Dutch heritage..
Behind the scenes footage of the comedy series ‘Ideal’, Topgear & Blue Peter. Blue Peter was a simulcast livestream including a gaming element.
A sneak VR preview of your next holiday destination.
The latest music sensation from Disney, teen band ‘Lemonade Mouth’, invited yellowBird to help produce some dynamic content to promote the release of their new film to millions of fans across the world. The content included documentary video of the band on a sightseeing tour through London and a music video filmed on top of the ‘Gherkin’ tower, London
Get overwhelmed by the luxury of the ShangriLa hotels and resorts. We filmed 47 of their hotels worldwide.
yellowBird was invited to deliver a LIVE streaming application of SKOL Sensation 2012 party in Sao Paulo for the SKOL Facebook page. We produced the highlights of this spectacular dance music event which delivers layers of close-up traditional content with interactive Surround Video, putting viewers right in centre of the dance floor!
yellowBird was invited by Quilmes to broadcast a rock event in Buenos Aires.  A Surround Video Livestream was set up on location and distributed in a bespoke Quilmes player via the Quilmes Facebook page.
We created some great footage at Sensation White 2010 Dance festival in the Amsterdam Arena.
ellowBird were there to document the fun and share the party with millions of Bud Lights facebook fans.  Fans could watch the show LIVE and then on VOD delivered straight to the Bud Light Facebook pages. Pitbull, Flo-rida and Stevie Wonder rocked the crowd into the night with amazing performances as the beer flowed.
The Bud Light Port Paradise Music Festival is part of a four-day cruise to a private island in the Bahamas from It’s a one day festival with a massive line-up including Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa, Flo Rida, yellowBird created an engaging Surround Video Live experience during the concert. So If you’re not one of the 4.000 lucky ones, you could have checked the Myspace homepage and see the LIVE Surround Video experience.
yellowBird created an engaging Surround Video experience that captures the heat of the BECKS Live event. You can “visit” the event and the different venues and watch the performing artists. You can click inside the VOD and navigate your way through the party.
The Budweiser ride along experience is the first in a brilliant behind-the-scenes Surround Video series that allows NASCAR fans to ride shotgun with Kevin, and then follow the RCR race team as they prepare his #29 car from workshop to Race track.
yellowBird in close collaboration with TBWA\United States of Fans, Heineken and the UEFA ,were responsible for the production of the interactive 360º UEFA Champions League exhibit part. We produced thrilling interactive 360º video UEFA Champions League experience on the Samsung GearVR! Camera’s near the dug out, a tunnel cam, and being close to the players gave you a real front row seat during the PSG vs. Chelsea match in Parc des Princes in Paris.
A guided tour during the Damien Hirst exhibtion
Topman really hit the ground running take digital catwalk show streaming to the next level by enabling fans to not only watch the Topman Design show live on 360° cameras, but also interact with show V.I.P’s who will be tweeting live from the front row.
yellowBird was invited to contribute in shooting the Surround Video scenes for a TVC for the new Toyota Prius. This commercial will be used for regular broadcast of the full panoramic instead of our interactive online deliveries. A second project was a relaxing VR drive along tour in a Hybride.
Livestreams form VW Booth at the Sao Paolo motorshow
yellowBird was invited by Louis Vuitton and Paris based DIGGIN Production to capture the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show at the Paris Fashion week 2011.  yellowBird was primarily involved in capturing content and developing a rich media experience. A highlight clip featured the first Facebook connect feature in Surround Video. Experience the drama and glamour of a fashion show including traditional film with Marc Jacobs commenting on the show.
Backstage Universals next blokcbuster
In close collaboration with Mediamonks we worked on the Google Marseille Nightwalk project. Besides this we streamed live the TEDx event in Amsterdam via the Google Cardboards.
French production company ‘Darjeeling’ invited yellowBird to shoot a unique tour around the Orange ‘HelloDemain’ future technology exhibition in Paris. The four day exhibition displayed innovative technologies and gadgets in three tented exhibition areas.  Using interactive hotspots, yellowBird gave the audience the chance to tour the exhibition and find out more.
yellowBird was invited by Saatchi & Saatchi London to produce a yellowBird Surround Video piece for the T-Mobile Sing-Along event, which took place in Trafalgar Square, London. Footage was captured whilst walking through the crowd of 13,000 singing people!
For the first time ever you’ll be able to train with the O2 sponsored England rugby team. The Oculus Rift experience produced by yellowBird together with Unit9 will put you right in the middle of the action and give you a 360 degree view throughout.
A multicam livestream of the redcarpet ceremony during the Bafta Awards
yellowBird shot the 360º scene that was used in the first interactive video clip of Ronnie Flex. The times where we watched video clips on MTV and TMF are long gone. New technologies are taking over, and more and more research is showing that we are watching videos on our mobile devices. So it’s time to explore the new possibilities. Check out the making of of the first interactive video for Ronnie Flex
Discover Thailand in 360º and get convinced this has the be your next holiday destination
Follow your suitcase in 360º and a virtual tour in the new A380