Back to school in Virtual Reality!

We delivered a 7 year old burn victim in the Martini Burn Center a memorable morning. He was able to go back to school again! This was very special for him, as he is hospitalized for weeks and not allowed to leave his room. But this morning – because of our 2 way livestream – he was virtually back at school. And in addition to this all his classmates were virtually along his bedside inside the hospital.

Back to school VR, is the virtual reality project that we have developed in close cooperation with the Martini Burn Centre. This is one of the initiatives of the yellowBird Immersive Care program.

Children in the burn centers are very often in isolation because they are not allowed to leave their quarantine rooms. We want to break through this isolation with the use of virtual reality. yellowBird created a two-sided VR livestream for this occasion. We use two 360 cameras at both places, in the hospital and in the classroom, and configure a double 360º livestream. So the children can interact virtual and live together.