yellowBird got invited by London based LIDA (M&C Saatchi group) to produce and develop a fully interactive Surround Video for IKEA. The concept is based on Making Small Spaces Big.

The challenge for us was to shoot a guided Surround Video tour in various small spaces. Interactive hotspots highlight IKEA products designed for these spaces and show more information on features and pricing once clicked. Localizations were integrated for England and Ireland

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A) Background: IKEA leads the market in affordable, flat pack furniture, but isn’t recognized for its home furnishing expertise. IKEA aims to offer a better everyday life for the many. So with homes in Britain being officially the pokiest in Europe, the strategy was to show that IKEA has the expertise and product solutions for small space living.B) Brief: IKEA has a range of multi functional space saving solutions, and the campaign must show this in a way that is relevant to IKEA FAMILY members and all UK customers, demonstrating IKEA’s clever, multi functional, small space solutions in a way that is engaging and makes sense.


A) Creative strategy – small spaces: Whether you have a little or a lot of space, you can always do with more. Well, there are ways of cheating the space you have. IKEA is known for its affordable furniture and cool Scandinavian style. But not enough people know that the brand represents interiors expertise.

What do consumers need? Ideas and inspiration! An immersive digital destination let them have a nose around loads of clever products and solutions all under one roof. They could follow the narrator as she shared the clever thinking behind the spaces. Or they could explore wherever they wanted, thanks to the 360° surround video format.

They could click on hotspots to open up relevant content, from tips and inspiration to product solutions. Linking content to the commercial site completed the user journey and maximized online and in store visits.

Having a range of solutions all under one roof made it easy for customers to find what they needed. They could use the tool across desktop and mobile devices. By showing consumers the clever thinking behind IKEA products, the campaign also got them thinking about the depth of IKEA’s offering. Small prices. Big ideas.

  • Engaging the 285,000 unique visitors to the online home led to 82% exploring two or more rooms.
  • They clicked through to an average of 1.5 hotspots that unlocked more products and ideas.
  • Nearly a third spent over 10 minutes exploring a room and interacting with hot spots.
  • Inviting IKEA FAMILY members into the flat prompted them to spend more: in total, 5.8% more additional sales than previous campaigns.
  • An extra 7,500 IKEA FAMILY members came into the store.
  • And every time they spent, it was 4% more than the control group of un-contacted members.
  • The campaign got awarded with 2 DMAs: GOLD – best use of websites in a direct marketing campaign, SILVER – For consumer or business films or audio (TV, radio and digital) designed to generate response.