LAAX also plays host to numerous regional and international top events, such as the Burton European Open and the European Freeski Open, where each year over 300 snowboarders and freeskiers from across the world demonstrate just what is possible in the half-pipe and how slopestyle brings out the remarkable creative talents of the riders.
LAAX wanted to proof it is not only Europe’s leading and most comprehensive freestyle resort, but also a magnet for a host of international professional riders. They would like to prove this by an ultimate online VR winterexperience to attract and get the in the attention of a younger audience.

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Laax ski resort needed to find a way to attract more visitors and establish the resort as a top destination for skiers in Europe.


We created  the “Virtual Laax a Wintersports experience” Featuring POV Downhill rides across incredible pistes and VR board along experience largest half pipe in Europe


Our adrenaline-fueled 360º ride really did the trick.

  • 100,000 views on day 1
  • With 1,272,952 views in 6 months
  • 190,000 watched the video twice over.
  • 100,000 shared it.
  • And 5,236 other sites embedded the film.