Services and competences

360º Concepts

The impact of 360º Video concept always depends strongly on a good concept or a solid strategy. That’s why we are offering our expertise and knowledge to enrich 360º concepts

360º Live streaming

We bring live events and onsite experiences to next level. To the your targetgroups anywhere, everywhere at anytime. By pushing our 360º video streaming technologies to generate extra revenue.

Virtual reality

We push the boundaries of online video to create the immersive experience. Sport events, music festivals, RTV formats. We create and deliver over the top VR experiences like never seen before.


By adding hotspots, CGI effects and branding we increases the level of interactivity and impact. We have players to support all major platforms including HTML5, iOS, Android, GearVR, Oculus players.

Monatize content

We deliver the best service. We deliver interactive impactful 360º video concepts, from concept to delivery! We can provide 360º streaming and recording as a Service monetising 360º premium content.